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Owlboy Finally Gets a PlayStation 4 Release After Hushed Delay

You’ll soon be able to enjoy the platformer Owlboy on PlayStation 4 after D-Pad Studio announced its launch date. The digital edition will release on April 10th.

This is two-months-ish past its initial targeted date of February 13th, which came and went without much ado. But what’s eight weeks between gamers, right?

If you prefer to hold a jewel case and disc compared to stocking a digital library then the studio is keen to remind you that a physical edition will be available from May 29th. This is courtesy of publisher Soedesco.

Owlboy has been very well received on its other launch platforms so we look forward to trying it out on a good old DualShock 4. Here’s to one HOOT of a game! Will you be turning into a night owl and staying up late to play this corker? 

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