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Owlboy Glides to a Retail Release on May 29th for PS4

Owlboy, the hit indie adventure game from D-Pad Studio, will be getting a retail release for PS4 and Nintendo Switch a little later this year, as confirmed by the publisher of the physical release, SOEDESCO.

The Dutch indie-label announced today via a press release that Owlboy will be hitting retail stores on May 29th for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

“We’ve had to keep quiet about this for some time, but now I can finally announce our first physical Switch game! Owlboy is a really great title to start off our Switch line-up with, but we’ve certainly got more coming up,” said¬†Hans van Brakel, Executive Manager at SOEDESCO.

Owlboy originally released last year to massive critical acclaim. Not from us though. We, er, kind of forgot to review it… Here’s a quick list of the game’s features to distract you from our incompetence:

  • Heartfelt, intriguing story about the adventurous journey of an underdog owl.
  • Detailed, colorful and beautifully vibrant pixel art style.
  • Switch between Otus’ friends at any time to employ their unique abilities
  • Tremendous variety in surroundings and enemies.
  • Explore massive dungeons and face epic boss battles.
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