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Pacer is an Anti-Grav Combat Racer Coming to PS4, Will Be 60FPS and 4K on PS4 Pro

The PS4 generation has only seen one WipEout game, and with Studio Liverpool relegated to footnote of gaming history after Sony closed its doors, there won’t be any more for a good while. It’s not the end of the world for fans of anti-grav combat racers, mind, as we’ve had a few other studios step in and attempt to fill the void left by the number crunchers at Sony HQ. No, I’ll never forgive them. WipEout was legendary.

The latest entry looking to take the crown is Pacer, an anti-grave combat racer coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC. I’ve not really heard of it before reading today’s press release, but the latest is that the developers R8 Games, have released a new trailer showing off one of the locations in the game: Ajura.

The Ajura circuit is based in Australia and it’ll take players on a twisty-turny ride though tunnels that have been carved into the country’s canyons. Apparently it’s a “rollercoaster-like” experience that offers a “distinctly unique vibe” compared to the game’s 13 other courses. It certainly looks mad…

If you’re at this year’s EGX in London between October 17th-October 20th, you might be able to get a few minutes of hands-on time as the game will be demoed at the event. Worth a look if you’re there anyway.

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