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Paint a Monsterpiece in Concrete Genie’s VR Modes

During the first State of Play presentation, we learned that Concrete Genie would come with two different VR modes when it launched, and today we know what those are. They are both separate from the main story, but they take inspiration from the game. In VR Experience mode, you and a genie will explore under the lighthouse. You will use your living paint in a new way and unlock a new power.

The second mode was more popular among the developers at San Mateo Studio, and it sounds like an ideal way to use the PSVR. The Free Paint mode will let you use any brushes and paint you unlock in the game to paint in one of four locations in the town of Denska. If we can draw on walls and bring our creations to life like the main character Ash, I can see that being a lot of fun.

If you want to paint some happy trees in Free Paint, you will need to complete the first mode, VR Experience. You will also need two PS Move controllers for either of the VR modes, but they seem perfect for creating your virtual canvas.

We’ll get a chance to play all of Concrete Genie when it launches later this fall.

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