Paragon Hero Reveal: Lt. Belica

Epic Games have done an impressive job with the consistent flow of new heroes to Paragon, and we’ve got some information on the next addition to the roster. Her name is Lt. Belica and you’re probably all thinking ‘Oh, another ranger and/or marksman’, well you would be wrong, as she is in fact, a caster. Well, more specifically a burst caster who thrives when zoning enemy heroes and also excels in mana control.

Now let’s take a look at her abilities:

First up we have ‘Void Bomb’, which does some area of effect damage (AoE) after a short delay and also restores mana to yourself based on how many enemies are caught in the blast radius.

Next up, we have a line skill shot called ‘Seismic Assault’ that damages and knocks up enemies in a straight line.

Lt. Belica’s third ability is an interesting one where she sends out a drone which controls an area, any enemy heroes in this zone will have mana drained over time (per second). On top of this if an enemy caught in the zone uses an ability they will receive damage from the drone.

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Finally, we have Lt. Belica’s ultimate ability ‘Neural Disruptor’ which is described by Epic Games as a ‘Damage Nuke’. The gist of it is that it deals damage based on the missing mana of enemies – less mana more damage.

Lt. Belica has a lot of potential and some really exciting abilities to try out. She will drop into the hero roster on Tuesday the 13th so you can begin dealing out justice. Don’t forget that Paragon is currently in open beta which means anyone can play for free! Don’t miss out, Paragon is a highly enjoyable and tactical MOBA, as well as being one of the first to hit the PS4. Down below you can check out Lt. Belica’s announcement trailer and then even lower you can let us know what you think of Paragon’s latest addition down in the comments.

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