Paragon Hero Reveal: Meet Riktor

Epic Games have been sticking to their promise of regular free additions to the hero roster and they certainly aren’t cutting any corners on the designs. The latest hero is a support/tank called Riktor and he is generating some serious hype in the Paragon community.

Riktor is a melee hero, however using his electric chains as weapons has some impressive reach. The visuals are also¬†quite stunning with the chains seeming to retract and coil around his arms and shoulders. One of his abilities sees him fire a chain out at an enemy and latch onto them, dragging them back to Riktor and his team. Successfully landing this ability (riplash) may well change the tide of team battles before they even begin as it allows your team to pick off enemies before fully engaging. Other abilities include a silence which disables¬†enemy abilities for a set period of time and his ultimate ‘Skewer’ where Riktor fires out a web of chains all around him, damaging and stunning any enemies in it’s reach. Paragon’s latest hero will be strong in both crowd control and as an initiator to combat.

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Although Paragon is not officially out yet you can still play it by purchasing a founders pack off of the PS Store; even in early access Epic Games are constantly improving and updating the game. Heroes will always be free so if you have Paragon then from the 31st of May you will also have access to Riktor and we will be seeing you in the battlegrounds of Agora! Check out his reveal trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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