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Paragon for PS4 and Other PS Plus Games for July Available Right Now

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member who is taking advantage of the premium membership on PS4, you’re in for an extra treat today. As part of July’s PS Plus freebies, Paragon and the game’s Starter Pack are available to download right now.

Yep. Right. Now. Normally the Starter Pack would set you back £15.99, but for Plus members it’ll cost zilch, though it will tax your hard drive some 3.5 GB of precious space.

For the time being, the game and it’s add-on are downloadable in the UK and most, if not all, EU regions, but North American’s may find that it’s not live just yet, though it is for some and should be widely available within the next few hours.

If Paragon isn’t something you’re interested in, fair enough, but there are other games in this month’s PS Plus line-up that may interest you, and they’re also ready to download. Go on then, get downloading.

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