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Paragon Is Free-To-Play During July For PS+ Members

Paragon is the graphically stunning MOBA from Epic Games that is finally nearing its release on the PS4. The game has been available to play for awhile now in its early access phase, however only for those willing to pay £15.99 for a founders pack. Considering the game will ultimately be free to play once released it may seem unnecessary to pay for it now, although if you’re a fan of the genre and are just itching to try it out early then this month is your opportunity to do so. Keep in mind this will only be available to PS+ members.

During July you can go on the PS Store and pick yourself up a free copy of the game just for this month. It’s free and it’s a damn good game so why not? On top of this Epic Games have been nice enough to set us some community challenges for the month which add a little more excitement to the free-to-play period and of course these come with some pretty sweet rewards. You can read up on the challenges for the month here. Finally, if you look below you can check out the ‘Free For July’ trailer they’ve put together for us.

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