Paragon is Getting a New Hero, Meet Greystone

Paragon is Getting a New Hero, Meet Greystone

PlayStation 4 players are currently enjoying a round of early access to Epic Games’ latest game, Paragon, a MOBA that’s releasing on console and PC. The selection of heroes so far is pretty good and players have been finding different ways to put each to the test, but it’s all about to become a wee bit harder with the introduction of a new hero.

Meet Greystone: Greystone is a sword wielding bad arse who prances¬†around in some fancy armour, or at least that’s what we can tell from the new trailer that Epic Games just released to announce the new fighter.

Greystone will be coming to Paragon on July 12th, so be sure to keep an eye on your downloads around that time. Meanwhile, have a gander at the new guy in action with the new trailer down below.

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