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Paragon Open Beta And A New Hero Announced

At long last Epic Games have given us a date for the much anticipated free open beta of their new title ‘Paragon’. Paragon is a MOBA game that introduces a first person camera mode and verticality previously unseen in the MOBA genre.

The game has been in early access since it’s announcement last December, available to play for anyone who purchases a ‘founders pack’ from the PS Store. On full release, level and stats will not reset for any current players.

Now onto the reason you’re probably reading this, as of the 16th of August anyone at all will be able to give Paragon a shot for free through the open beta. Interestingly there isn’t an end date for the open beta so perhaps we will find that out soon as well, presumably it’s going to be longer than just a weekend.

On top of this and true to their word Epic Games have announced their latest character to join the battlefields of Agora 3 weeks after the previous. He is called Khaimera and is a dual axe wielding melee fighter who excels in one-on-one combat and isolating his prey. He will be available to use June the 21st.

Let’s get down to his abilities, or at least the ones we know so far. First up we have ‘pounce’ which as a melee hero in a game primarily made up of ranged heroes will be crucial for closing gaps. As well as leaping towards his target Khaimera will also stun them briefly and do a bit of AoE damage. As a passive ability he will increase his health regeneration when he stacks his basic attack. Finally we know Khameira’s ultimate ability ‘Cull’ in which he roots, isolates and deals a large amount of damage to his target.

Check out Khameira’s announcement trailer below which as always Epic Games have done a damn good job of. Let us know what you think of the latest hero down in the comments.

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