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Paragon, Shadow of Mordor, For Honor, and More Will Take Advantage of PS4 Pro on Non-4K TV’s

Sony announced the PS4 Pro just a few minutes ago and since the announcement, Willy Wonka sound-alike, Mark Cerny, has spent a while standing on the stage talking numbers and technical stuff. We’ll be honest and admit that most of the HDR stuff went right over our heads – and it sounded more like a sales pitch for Sony TVs… – but what we did understand sounded awesome.

Basically, some games will be “forward-compatible” with the PS4 Pro. Games such as Paragon, Shadow of Morder, For Honor, and Sony’s very own Horizon: Zero Dawn will see notable improvements by using the PS4 Pro on a standard HDTV.

According to Cerny, Paragon will bring better graphics and visual effects, while Shadow of Morder and For Honor will do similar things, too. The man in the glasses didn’t go into too much detail as to which developers and what games will be patched to be compatible with the PS4 Pro, though we expect we’ll find this out in due time.

Still, it’s a nice idea, isn’t it? Just think how many games would look better with a bumped up resolution, or perhaps more graphical effects?

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