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Paragon’s Community Challenges For July 2016

In celebration of Paragon’s free month for PS+ Members, they have set us all some community targets to reach. They’re even offering us some rewards to work together which is kinda nice you know? The idea that everyone’s doing their little bit to get us all closer to some sweet rewards. Anyways let’s get into the lineup for the month.

July 5-11
Kill The Core

The aim for this is to reach a combined 2.5 million cores destroyed throughout the community. Every player who contributes to destroying a core will count as 1 which gives you a max of 5 per game. This equates to a minimum of 500,000 games to hit the goal. If we do complete it we will all gain access to the Midnight Muriel skin.

July 12-18
Still-Secret Hero RaceĀ 

Not much has been said on this one, just that when the next hero is announced and later released Epic Games will set a community goal for total XP earned on that hero. Everyone will receive 5 free card packs if the target is hit.

July 19-25
All Hero Race

For this one there will also be a total XP goal set for the community, however, it will run across all heroes and so expect it to be considerably higher than whatever the previous challenge is set to. For hitting this target we will all receive a currently unannouncedĀ skin, perhaps for the new hero being announced shortly?

July 26-August 1
Double Everything

Double XP and double Rep for everyone playing over these days as well as a target for total hero level achieved by the players. Perfect time to try out some new heroes and help out the community. The reward for this challenge is yet another unannounced skin.

This month looks great for Paragon players and will hopefully make you feel less guilty about spending the whole day month playing, as really you’re just trying to help out the community. You may have noticed that only the first challenge actually has a target currently set but you can keep up to date on Epic Game’s blog to find out when the next targets are decided and the unannounced hero/skins revealed. That about sums up July for Paragon so with that we will see you in Agora.

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