Parkour Game Stride Is Jumping onto PSVR Later This Year

Stride is a new parkour action-adventure game sliding to PlayStation VR. The game focuses on a free-running experience as you, jump, climb, glide and blaze through this extreme action-adventure. Developers, Joy Way, is aiming to land-down on PlayStation VR sometime in 2021. Even though Stride is already available on early access via Steam, and for the most part has received very positive reviews, that is certainly reassuring.

The world of Stride takes place in a quarantined metropolis. From here, you attempt to pull off some awesome looking moves as you leap, mount, and ascend from rooftops while being confronted by a barrage of enemies that will attempt to strike. However, these attacks can be taken in your stride as weapons such as guns are available to blast down these foes so you can return to the important business of parkouring around the city. The announcement trailer above shows the gameplay in action, and honestly, it looks like Mirror’s Edge meets VR – which is a rather exciting notion. Bring on the thrill-ride!

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Stride will have three different modes available in the game. The Endless Mode, where infinite level generation is available and aims to build your score by performing and landing slick moves whilst taking on snipers. The Arena Mode, where you fully enjoy the rooftops but will be challenged with tasks. And finally, the Time Run Mode where you compete for the top spot on those sweet leader-boards.

What do you think of the upcoming PSVR game Stride? Let us know down below!

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