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Pass Your Own Judgment on These Two Voice Actors

Yakuza spinoff Judgment’s release date is just a bit over a month away, and Sega has dropped two more trailers showcasing the talents of it’s English language cast. Playing the boisterous Masaharu Kaito, Crispin Freeman embodies what he calls a “hurricane character”. Kaito is loud and proud and doesn’t mind a fight, as long as it’s for a worthy cause. As he mentions in the trailer (above), Kaito’s energy requires him to warm up thoroughly to avoid any damage to his voice. He also wants to deliver a performance that’s every bit as good as the Japanese version. Very nice.

The trailer (below) shows Matthew Mercer playing Mitsuru Kuroiwa, and the two characters could not be more opposed. Kuroiwa is intense like Kaito, but his passions burn much cooler. He is upholding justice as he investigates crime. He follows the rules, and he brings anyone who doesn’t to justice. Mercer mentions that playing this character was a challenge, because the character’s personality is so different from his own.

It’s clear that both voice actors enjoyed their jobs. It’s hard to say how it will be over the many hours of the game, but the English voice acting seems to be getting the care, attention, and professionalism it deserves. If it’s a gateway game to other experiences in the Yakuza universe, that seems great to me.

We’ll be able to pass our own Judgment when the game launches on June 25th.

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