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PAST CURE Aiming to Combine Stealth and Dynamic Action with a Dash of Inception

Phantom 8 Studio has officially announced its very first title and it is shooting for the stars…figuratively. PAST CURE is an action-stealth shooter that takes place in two dimensions. One is the gritty real world and the other is an abstract dream world that takes inspiration for the movie, Inception.

In this single-player adventure is a highly decorated and ex-elite soldier, Ian. He’s been experimented on in a secret European prison and whatever they did has given him access to skills like mind control and telekinesis. Just at the small price of his sanity because every time he uses his powers, the madness within him tries to claw its way out. You can probably guess that is the topic of the Inception-like dimension. Ian is also helped by his brother and a mysterious double agent who take on Eastern European cartels, secret organizations, and the scientists and men who used our hero like a guinea pig.

PAST CURE is expected to drop sometime in Q2 2017 for the PlayStation 4. Along with the rather interesting storyline, Phantom 8 Studio will be utilizing modern 3D scanning and motion capture technologies. Strangely no trailer was released alongside this announcement, but venturing on over to the developer’s Youtube channel reveals some early gameplay footage. Nothing to get excited about though. It’s just some running and walking around. Still the very fact that high-end tech will be used, Inception is an inspiration, and the supernatural tones have us very interested.

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Phantom 8 Studio Press Release



  1. William Orlando Figueroa

    25th February 2017 at 6:30 pm

    I still have doubt. I’m worried that this game will just be another “Style over Substance” game, and like you said, by the looks of the gameplay, there’s nothing to be excited about. I feel as if the game will just be another “Alekhine Gun”.

  2. Kyle Durant

    26th February 2017 at 2:44 am

    Here’s hoping for the best. No one wants a game developer to fail.

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