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Past Cure’s Game-Changing PS4 Update is Out Now, Brings Improved Graphics, New Features, and Much More

Past Cure has received a brand new update today on PS4 and Xbox One, an update that supposedly changes the game in major ways. With the update being dubbed Past Cure v2, it’s pretty much a relaunch of the game.

To be fair, it does look and sound pretty appealing. To celebrate the update and what it brings, Phantom 8 Studio has released a brand new trailer showing off the new features, improved graphics, and more. The trailer is up above, so give it a click to see what’s going on.

New areas and redesigned levels
Entirely new areas have been created to enable more immersive gameplay in levels that have been redesigned to offer a more challenging, and ultimately more enjoyable experience for the player.

More mind-bending abilities
In Past Cure, players have many different abilities, but to create more ways to play, and feel even more powerful, two new abilities have been added. Mind bash allows you to stun or kill enemies and destroy environments, unlocking entirely new routes of progression.

Mind Fly creates a shield around Ian, which utilises sanity as the hits reign in, giving you a useful addition to your journey, but one that comes at a cost.

A story that continues to unfold
Throughout Past Cure, cinematics have been reworked to tell more of the story loved by its fans, and splintered across its levels are more elements of the backstory to discover.

Reworked Sanity Meter
The new sanity meter doesn’t recover from under 35%, and as it depletes toward zero, the nightmares from Ian’s dream world begin to surface in the real world, creating a new threat. Ian will have to decide upon fight or flight against these new foes until his sanity recovers.

After looking through the archives, it looks like Pure PlayStation didn’t review the game during its original release earlier this year, but with any luck one of the team will be able to go through the game in its improved form.

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Phantom 8 Studio Press Release

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