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Patch 1.02 For The Outer Wilds Targets Performance

The Outer Wilds was deemed a pretty good game when it launched a few weeks back – except for the issues with consistency when it came to performance. However, Mobius Digital are working hard to address these problems and their latest efforts are bundled into patch 1.02.

Let’s just hope it does enough to make the hiccups less noticeable and the game more tolerable for lengthy periods of time. Because there’s nothing worse than sitting down to an otherwise enjoyable game only to find the action self-harms its playability.

Up until now the game has been viewed positively by reviewers across the web, with some proclaiming it has spolied other exploration titles for them. But the up and down frame rate was something that kept cropping up in their articles.

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The patch notes for this latest update state it addresses this – particularly for those of you playing on the PlayStation 4 Pro. And if that’s true, it’s a reasonable response by the team involved. But the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Otherwise, the 4GB patch contains the usual plethora of fixes aimed at eradicating more general bugs and crashes. Its user interface has also had an overhaul.

You can find the official patch notes here, if you want to “hear it” from the studio’s mouth. But before you jump ship to another site, how about telling us what you think of the Outer Wilds?

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