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Path of Exile 2’s Music Takes Inspiration from Trent Reznor

In a new video from the composer for Path of Exile 2, the surprisingly down-to-earth Kamil Orman Janowski talks about how he wanted to change the sound for this new content. He wanted to keep the same dark and gritty feel but take it to a new level. During the video, you can hear him mix the folk elements, ethnic and tribal elements, and experimental elements to create his new sound. He explains that his experimental and industrial sounds are inspired by Trent Reznor’s composing for films. That’s not a bad place to look for inspiration.

Janowski shows off the music from new areas in Path of Exile 2 such as the Crypt and Hunting Grounds. When he’s composing, he puts the art and game on one screen for inspiration and creates on another screen. He talks about the tonal change from using symphonic sounds to going with more synths and creating the ambiance for each environment to speak to the player.

This is a really cool video for Path of Exile 2 and in general. I love seeing how the gaming sausage is made, especially when the game’s composer sits down to talk about the music. It’s hugely important, and the music in Path of Exile is good. I look forward to hearing the new tracks.

As far as gameplay, Path of Exile 2 is bringing seven new acts in a new storyline. The endgame is shared with the base game, but there are a ton of changes to systems, visuals, classes, and more. It’s a massive update to a game that keeps throwing free content at players, and it’s truly free-to-play with expansive lore, deep player customization, and an interesting risk/reward mechanic baked into just about every system of this hack ‘n’ slash looter.

We don’t know when this is hitting the PS4, but, when it does, I’ll let you know.

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