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Path of Exile: Harvest Available Now

Technically, I think Harvest was available yesterday, but turning on my PS4 today and seeing a 4.7 GB download start was my real clue. Either way, we can finally jump into Path of Exile’s new Harvest league. The new league will introduce Oshabi. She left her magic hating home and found the Sacred Grove. As you explore the game world, you can gather seeds in every level to plant in the Sacred Grove. Every time you find new seeds, it causes a unit of time to progress in the Sacred Grove, and you are one step closer to reaping a harvest.

Since it’s Path of Exile, a dark fantasy action RPG, your plants spawn monsters when you go to collect the fruits of your labor. Killing these pests allows you to collect their Lifeforce. You can use it to craft cool items for your character. Any excess can be processed to grow better and more valuable plants with seeds dropped by monsters you killed in the Sacred Grove. You can become as much of a farmer as you like. You can trade seeds with other players as you would any other item in the economy to gain the seeds you want or to profit by ignoring the new Harvest mechanic entirely. Like a lot of things in Path of Exile, it’s your choice.

Despite development being slowed down due to the pandemic, there is still a lot of changes in Harvest. There are new skills gems and tweaks to the Warcry and Brand skills. There are reworked items and new unique items to customize your build in interesting ways. All two-handed weapons have been redone to make them more beneficial starting with a base 15% increase to damage. They have also made some changes to the passive skill tree. You can check out all the changes the patch is bringing to the game by visiting the forum post here.

As I have mentioned in the past, the game is free-to-play, but it’s a full experience without any of the usual free-to-play gimmicks. No one can buy their way to the top or pay to boost a character. If you like a hack ‘n’ slash, action RPG with great customization and a fun risk/reward mechanic, give Path of Exile and it’s new Harvest league a try.

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