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Path of Exile: Heist Available Now

When I powered on my PS4 tonight, I was met with a 13.3 GB patch letting me know that the floodgates for Path of Exile’s next expansion were open. Heist introduces cool new mechanics that allow your hero to steal valuable artifacts and gain some powerful loot doing it. By heading to the new location, Rogue Harbor, you can hire a Rogue and get to work. Grand Heists are an even bigger job with better rewards and more risk. I detailed the process in this preview a few weeks back.

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Heist is another entry in Grinding Gear Games’ commitment to content updates for Path of Exile, and another update is only three months away. The updates introduce new mechanics, add new items, and can change how you play the game with a new character. Heist is special, because you could get to a place in which just play the new Heist content and ignore the rest of the game. Path of Exile respects the player and gives you risk/reward choices while allowing you to engage in the content in the way you want. I like that a lot.

Check out some gameplay from a trailer released a few weeks ago. If you like what you see, Path of Exile is free-to-play without the gimmicks and tricks normally associated with the genre, and the price is certainly right.

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