Path of Exile Patch 1.63 Released Today

Despite making a good chunk of new content available every three months, the Path of Exile team normally releases little patches and fixes in between as well. Patch 1.63 hit the PS4 today, and it brings a few welcome updates and fixes. For improvements, one example is that the “Blueprint Heist Targets which are Item Rewards now generate 1 to 3 item levels higher than the area level.”

The bug fixes are many. It’s a collection of a few crash fixes and general bug smashery. I’ll put the full list of patch notes pulled from the Path of Exile forum post at the bottom, so you can see what’s new and improved.

Console-Specific Improvements

  • You can now remove currency from the trade market while in the Rogue Harbour.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur in the microtransaction shop.

Heist Improvements

  • Blueprint Heist Targets which are Item Rewards now generate 1 to 3 item levels higher than the area level.
  • Fixed a bug where some Heist monsters could use their skills through closed Heist doors.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Tibbs and Niles from opening locked Heist Chests when you used the League Interface hotkey.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Reveal Entire Wing” button in the Blueprint Reveal UI didn’t give the right amount of progress towards the “Reveal Rooms” step of the “Complete Heist Encounters IV” challenge.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the “Defeat The Twins Conditionally” challenge from being completed.
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to open a Unique Quest Contract if you had obtained it while already in The Rogue Harbour unless you left the area and returned.
  • Fixed a bug where the “+X to Brute Force Level” modifier displayed “+X to Perception Level”.
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General Improvements

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.12.3 which prevented some players from opening Conqueror’s Citadel maps.
  • Fixed a bug with some skills where holding down a hotkey to use a skill while you had insufficient mana to use that skill would only default attack once, rather than continuing to default attack until you had enough mana to use that skill.
  • Fixed a bug where Life Flask and Mana Flask Charges gained by hitting an enemy cursed with Sniper’s Mark were not correctly limited to one charge every 0.5 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where Wither supported by Spell Totem didn’t follow its target if that target moved from its initial location.
  • Fixed a bug where a smoke cloud’s appearance would flash yellow momentarily.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur after you left an area.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when fighting a Metamorph.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when using Mercenary’s Lot unique gloves.
  • Fixed a “Texture index out-of-bounds” client crash.
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