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PC Building Simulator Out Now on PS4 (Not a Joke, Promise)

Building a PC on PS4? Who would want to do that? I don’t know the answer, truthfully, but considering the local electronics store where I live (Wolfsburg, Germany) has a full wall dedicated to simulation games ranging from Forklift Simulator to Reeperbahn Simulator (that’s a popular sex tourism area,) I’m guessing this game is going to be a hit with the Germans.

That said, I’ll probably have a look at it if I get the chance, if only out of curiosity. Are you curious about the inner workings of a PC? Ever wondered what makes them work? Ever looked at a PC tower and wondered how many goblins are inside pulling mechanical levers? The answer is none, but you can check that out for yourself by playing PC Building Simulator on PS4. It released today and is totally not a joke. Honestly.

The game originally hit PC – its natural home – and became an overwhelming success for the game’s developer and publisher. PC enthusiasts praised the amount of officially licensed parts that can be used to build the ultimate rig, as well as the game’s single player story mode where you take over your Uncle’s PC repair shop business. Sounds wild…

I can’t say much – I spent three hours last night driving across rural America in American Truck Simulator… It’s fun…


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