PC Title Shoppe Keep Bringing Fantasy Business Simulation to PS4

Ever wonder what it would be like inside the shoes of a vendor in a fantasy game? How they run their business and sell their goods to the hero of the story? Or better yet what you would do if some would-be adventurer tried to steal from you (by putting a basket over your head)? We’re happy to announce that your slightly less dragon slaying needs will come true in early 2017 when Shoppe Keep launches on PS4.


Yes, you’ll be able to open your very own store in a fantasy landscape. Abilities include choosing stock, selecting prices, and the layout of everything within your walls. A few examples of what you can carry are staffs, swords, bows, arrows, mage cloaks, and warrior armor. All of which you can use in case thieves or barbarians raid your shop or customers just don’t like your establishment. Publisher Excalibur Games has made it clear you will be sweeping up skeletons. You can check out the announcement trailer above and let us know your store managerial fantasies in the comments below.

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