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Permanent PSVR Price Drop Starting Tomorrow

We have seen the promo pricing, but this is a real decrease in the MSRP. Starting March 29th, the new price to experience all the wonder, magic, and sometimes motion sickness is $299/€299/£259.99. That’s at lease 100 of each of those currencies lower than the previous MSRP.

As with all changes, let’s take a look at the fine print. This is for the PlayStation Camera bundle, but that really impacts two bundles in North America and one in Europe. North America will see the new pricing on the PlayStation VR Doom VFR Bundle. It includes everything, except for PS Move controllers.

The Skyrim VR bundle will be $349 USD/$449 CAD, and it includes Skyrim VR and PS Move controllers. It is still $100 off the normal MSRP, but you are paying a little more. We would argue you absolutely want the PS Move controllers to actually play a lot of the games, so do your research.

The PlayStation VR Starter Pack will drop for Europeans. It includes a download code for PlayStation VR Worlds. As with the Doom VFR pack, it will not include the PS Move controllers.

For those of you not in countries or regions blessed by PlayStation, the new prices may not take effect until after March 29th. There is no information listed as to which countries are impacted. If you don’t see the price decrease, it may just be that the employees have not changed the signs. Be nice to them. Sometimes, they are the last to know about these changes.

We want more people to have the same fun in VR. We also hate waiting, so it’s encouraging to see this announcement not being held until E3. Perhaps, that means there are so many games in their presentation that they just couldn’t spare time for a price drop. We can only hype hope.

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