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Persona 5 Royal Sells 1.4 Million Copies

There’s no doubt that Persona is a popular series, but you know it’s popular if people are willing to pay for it. Persona 5 Royal was a previously released game with additional content (not new for the series, a la Persona 3 FES), and it managed to move 1.4 million copies. As reported by, this news comes to us from the official Japanese Persona website. Combining sales with the less majestic, original Persona 5, this entry in the series has sold a total of 4.6 million units. That’s a lot of stolen hearts.

The developer Atlus shared the news today, and, as a special treat, the series character designer, Shigenori Soejima, drew Kasumi (Persona) and Sophia (Persona 5 Scramble). You can see that at the bottom. We don’t yet have Persona 5 Scramble over here yet, but these are the kind of numbers that would encourage the company to send it West.



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