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Persona 5 Royal Wants to Change the World in New Trailer

I’m a simple man. I see a Persona trailer, and I watch it. Today is another opportunity to be pulled into the stylish world of Persona 5 Royal and change it. We see the new character Kasumi Yoshizawa, and she will have a new heist and a new heart for your team. I’m not sure of much about her, but she’s not shy. She also seems like she’s not going to take any crap from anyone.

Persona 5 Royal is packed with all the old content from Persona 5, but it brings a few new things as well. Your time at Shujin Academy will be extended by one more semester, there will be a new area of Tokyo, new characters, and more story. It will be a chance to build new relationships, maybe a new love connection you wanted to explore but didn’t, and take more tests to up your stats. Considering the first game took me well over 100 hours, this one could be a real commitment to complete, not that I’m complaining, mind you. It could be the perfect game for a coronavirus quarantine we seem headed into soon.

If you pre-order Persona 5 Royal, there are plenty of special editions to steal your heart and wallet. Once you decide on the physical or digital format, it’s just a short wait until the game releases on March 31st.

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