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Persona 5 Soundtrack Releasing on Vinyl

Iam8bit will be adding the Persona 5 soundtrack to its limited releases on vinyl. If you have not seen their past releases, they have included images in the middle of the record with different colors of vinyl. The packaging is normally elaborate with impressive artwork, and it is a great find for lovers of analog sound and games. The artwork has not been released, but, with Persona 5 as your influence, we expect something amazing.

This release will have two different versions. The Essential Edition will have four LPs with songs chosen by the Atlus Sound Team. It will be the game’s most popular music, and it will cost $100. The Deluxe Edition will contain six LPs with all of the 110 songs from the game. This version will be limited to 1,000, and it will run the Persona fan $175. The estimated delivery is Q4 2017 “in time for the holidays”.

No matter which you buy, there will be monthly updates around the process. Starting with mastering the album at Infrasonic, you will be shown the entire process from the beginning to the end. They will show the test pressings, the creation process for the record that will be delivered, and how the packaging is created as part of an inside view.

The music is one of the best parts of a Persona game. From the jazzy sounds to hard rocking battle music, it helps to create the world and mood for everything you see and feel. This unique music is part of its charm.

We are glad to see Persona 5 being added as a vinyl release, and we hope more games continue to release their soundtracks on vinyl.

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