Persona 5 Website is Potentially Counting Down to an Announcement/Release Date

Recently a teaser website has come online with a countdown due to end on the 5th of May 2016. Bearing the logo of Atlus, the game’s developer producing Persona 5. We think it looks pretty official but you can check out the countdown for yourself here. Many fans are anticipating this to be the long-awaited announcement of Persona 5 – the latest installment in the Persona series, whilst this seems likely, it hasn’t been officially stated as to what the countdown represents.

Also not to be overlooked is a quote above the countdown that reads ‘Take Your Heart’. Now, chances are that this isn’t just a random quote and could potentially refer to the theme song which also happens to be named ‘Take Your Heart’ however, if you want to go even deeper, this Reddit feed offers some interesting fan theories. If you have any theories of your own feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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For those who may be unfamiliar with the title, it’s a role-playing game in which you control a 16-year old high school boy who isn’t quite ordinary in the sense that he can summon physical manifestations of his personality to use in battle that are known as Personas. The game is played day by day in the sense that for example on day 3 you may be able explore new places and do new things that weren’t available in previous days as well as the storyline progressing as you play through the in-game days. The trailer is posted below and features the ‘Take Your Heart’ theme song mentioned earlier.

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