Petty Developer Photoshops Our Mass Effect Andromeda Article to Bash Star Citizen

[Update: Derek Smart is claiming he didn’t actually create the photoshopped image down below. We can’t prove otherwise – all we know is that he shared it on his Twitter feed that has over 6,000 followers. We’re more than a tad annoyed and we see he his sharing of this as condoning it. He doesn’t respect that the internet is such a fickle place and this kind of thing could seriously harm any site. Even if he wasn’t the creator, he’s just as bad for gleefully sharing it to his fanbase. Sort yourself out, Derek, and grow the hell up.]

[Update #2: Whoops, in our rush to get this out and make sure our good(ish) name isn’t tainted, the editor forgot to add a link to Reddit. It was Reddit that helped spot what this cretin of a man has been sharing. Cheers, Reddit, you’re a good bunch… Sometimes ;)]

Here’s something we didn’t expect to ever have to write: we’ve been digitally raped. Our words have been twisted and turned inside out by someone with a dirty agenda. No, we’re not exaggerating, it actually happened and we’ve only just found out about it. (And yes, we know that Star Citizen isn’t a PlayStation game, but we’re compelled to write this to clear our name.)

Derek Smart, a washed-up developer with nothing going for him, has photoshopped our Mass Effect Andromeda article from this year’s E3. Smart, who is anything but that, took our original article and slipped in his own few words to fit his anti-Star Citizen agenda before posting it to Twitter. Thankfully, some saw through the bulls**t and called him out for being a slimy little bastard and he promptly deleted the offending Tweet, though nothing ever really dies on the internet.

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Derek Idiot is the president of 3000AD, Inc., an independent game development company in Florida that has been around since the eighties, apparently. [Update #3: After reading his website, we’re not sure if this guy is an actual developer anymore; he seems to spend an awful lot of time writing articles about Star Citizen and how much he dislikes it.]

The screenshot below shows what the tool has been sharing on his Twitter account. For your reference, every word from “there was the fear that” has been fabricated by this worm of a man.

Derek 'Slimy Cunt' Smart
God bless Archives.

Now anyone that visits Pure PlayStation will know that we’re not ones for strong words or slightly-personal insults, but on this occasion we are genuinely really, really pissed off that this petty little man has taken our site and, yes, we’re going there again – raped it for his own childish agenda. If you’re reading this, Derek, do us all a favour and fuck off. Whoops. One slipped through the censor…

We’ve contacted Dick Spasm on Twitter to tell him we’re not happy with this and we’re just gonna leave it there. Right, back to our normal cheery selves.

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