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Phil Spencer Wants Xbox Games on PS4 (It’ll Never Happen)

Talk about grabbing headlines, way to go Phil Spencer! The popular face of Microsoft’s Xbox brand has recently spoken with Wall Street Journal about Xbox One X, the industry, and what he wants to see in the future of gaming.

One of those things is not like the others. The respected Spencer stated to WSJ that he has been given the go ahead to pursue as many platforms as possible to spread Microsoft’s Xbox Live subscription service and games. While this could mean that sometime in the future you’ll be playing Halo and Forza on your PlayStation, it’s very unlikely to actually happen.

Microsoft’s goal with Xbox and gaming is to get people invested in its ecosystem through the Xbox Live subscription. It’s working wonders already for those who’re a part of the ecosystem and, for those who’re not console fans but do game on PC, the spread of Microsoft’s home-grown games to the desktop is making the future look even better. Still, we can’t see this happening with Sony anytime soon. Remember, Sony won’t even let you play Minecraft with Xbox and Nintendo players for fear of you getting bullied or led astray…

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