Physical Copies of Secret of Mana Will Be Available in NA

Gamers in North America will be able to pick up a physical version of Square Enix’s remake of Secret of Mana. (Gamers in Europe will be able to get the shaft. Again.) The physical version will run for the same $39.99 price as the digital version. We kind of wish the digital game was cheaper, but maybe companies will figure that out for the PS5.

The pre-order bonus is different for digital versus physical. Those who pre-order either version will receive costumes for their characters. Randi will be able to don a moogle suit. Primm can wear a tiger two-piece, and Popoi and Primm can strut in a tiger suit. Those who pre-order digitally will receive the same costumes and gain avatars for Randi, Primm, and Popoi.

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If you want it, you should probably nail down a copy soon. We doubt Square Enix is going to print very many copies of a game originally released in 1993. GameStop is your physical copy destination in the United States, and EB Games will have copies in Canada. We do not show specific retailers in Latin America, so you ladies and gents may have to call around to find a retailer who participates.

The Secret of Mana remake will bring 3D graphics and a rearranged soundtrack to this classic RPG. It will also be updating some of the mechanics for our modern tastes. You can start your adventure on the PS4 starting February 18th.

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