Pinball FX is Getting a PS5 Release, But Your Tables Won’t be Coming With You

Pinball FX is going to get a PlayStation 5 native release. However, any tables you already own will have to be bought again. That’s because there’s a lot of work to do between now and then to remake them in full next generation glory. But that probably won’t soften the blow to your wallet, right?

Pinball FX sounds like it will be pushing the PlayStation 5 to its limit by taking advantage of as many of its features as possible. And I assume that means its adaptive triggers, too, which should be quite the addition to its realism. But that also means there’s a lot of effort needed to translate the previous table incarnations into ones worthy of playing on the newest console, which is where the catch comes in.

You see, previously, any tables you’d already bought could be transferred over to its newer release. But there’s a compatibility issue at play here. That means it isn’t as simple as it was before – hence you needing to “double dip”.

Maybe the team’s explanation can help?

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They’re saying that the tables will be refitted with their new physics engine, meaning they really should play better than ever. So, I guess if you want to enjoy the pinball tables in their best possible guise – which is demanding a lot of time from the developers, too, to implement – it will inevitably come at a cost. There is also licensing issues to sort out, as well, which is probably as costly.

But the true test of value will come when everyone’s had a chance to compare the two versions, along with the cost of upgrading. Because if the tables are full price for all – or close to, regardless of any previous investment – that won’t go down very well. However, the game will feature a number of new modes that will be bundled into your decision. They are a Battle Royale mode (christened very originally as Pinball Royale) and a number of challenge modes, designed to really test your skill.

And elsewhere, new tables are also being teased – details of which we can expect nearer to its time of release.

Source: YouTube

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