Pinball FX3 is Giving Away Two Free Tables

For its 10th anniversary, Zen Studios is giving away its Pinball FX3 Carnivals and Legends pack for free. It contains two tables, and you can play them by downloading the Pinball FX3 platform for free.

The two tables provide a different feel. Adventure Land is a classic table set in an amusement park. There is a Ferris wheel, fireworks, and mini games along the outside of the table.┬áSon of Zeus shows the ancient hero Hercules fighting some of Greece’s most recognizable villains.

You can only download them for free until December 19th, so don’t delay. If this turns out to be a new favorite, we also saw a few other sales on tables for Pinball FX3 in the NA PSN Holiday Sale.

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Check out the trailer to see them in action.

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