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Pixel Gear for PSVR Getting Multiplayer, Possibly Next Month

Pixel Gear for PSVR is a simple yet superb first-person shooter that we thought was pretty good. However, we couldn’t help but wonder if the game could have been a bit better with the inclusion of multiplayer. It’s something we and other PSVR players have been hoping for since release, and now that dream is coming true.

Alright, it’s not something we’ve dreamed of, but it’s a great bit of news all the same. The game’s publisher, Oasis, took to twitter earlier today to show off the multiplayer with a screenshot. It’s not what we were expecting, though that’s not a bad thing.

The multiplayer will be an offline, local affair that pits three DualShock 4 wielding players against the PSVR user with the PS Move wand controller. The players using the TV and DualShock 4 controllers hide among the evil skeletons and monsters in an effort to steal gold, while the PSVR/Move player has to take them out. Sounds quite cool, doesn’t it?

The developer/publisher shared an image of the multiplayer being tested, and when asked by Pure PlayStation when we can expect to see the update release, we were told that the team is aiming for a December release, though the exact date is still to be determined due to certification.


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