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Pixel Gear for PSVR Now Has 4-Player Multiplayer via Update 1.01

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we reported that the developers behind the solid PSVR shooter, Pixel Gear, were working on a multiplayer mode that would have up to four players playing on one consoles with one headset and one TV.

Today that multiplayer mode is live. The multiplayer is part of a free update, version 1.01, that was pushed out today. The update also brings optimisations¬†the game’s graphics, according to the patch notes supplied with the update.

So, what exactly is the multiplayer? It’s simple, really: one player takes on the role of the gunman with the PSVR headset, as per the traditional way of playing the game, while up to three others participate by using DualShock 4 controllers and the TV screen. The three non-VR players must survive the wrath of the gunmen while stealing as much gold as they can. The gunman must try to kill the other players, though it’s not always obvious who they are; they can be disguised along with various objects and/or other monsters.

It sounds like a real hoot and we’ll be giving this one a spin as soon as possible. For now though, we must remain at our desks. These words don’t type themselves… Not yet, at least.

Have you give Pixel Gear’s multiplayer mode a go yet? How is it? Aim for our heads down in the comments section below.

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