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Pixel Ripped 1995 for PSVR Releasing May 12th in North America, May 19th in Europe

Developer and publisher of Pixel Ripped 1995, ARVORE, has announced today that Pixel Ripped will be releasing on PSVR this month, though the release dates will be staggered across North America and Europe.

In North America, PSVR players will have the game available from May 12th, while in the UK and Europe the game will release a week later on May 19th. It’s a week difference, which sucks, but at least it’s not indefinitely delayed, which sucks more.

Pixel Ripped 1995 released last month on PCVR headsets as well as the Oculus Quest. We reviewed the game over on our sister site, Pure PSVR, though we played the Oculus Quest version, not PSVR. It’s a damn good game, too, so you’re in for a treat when it does release on PSVR as the developers are still working on post-launch updates and features to add to the game in the future.


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