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Plague Inc. Is Preparing to Spread a Virus on PS4

A couple of years ago we all got addicted to a little game on iOS and Android: Plague Inc., and it resulted in some hilarious reasons for the end of the world. You host here started a virus named “Pimp Flu” that wiped out all of humanity. Yeah, hilarious.

Well now it seems the very same game is set to release on PS4 sometime in the near future if a recent rating by the PEGI ratings authority is anything to go by. The rating notes that it’s not quite the original game, but instead it’s the Plague Inc.: Evolved edition that released some time after the original.

For those not in the know, Plague Inc. is a strategy game that tasks you with the Lex Luthor-esque task of wiping out humanity by spreading disease and viruses across the globe. It may sound a little simple but it’s downright addictive – oh, and Greenland refuses to die. Always.

Would you be interested in another mobile game coming to PS4, or are you hungry for meatier releases? Spread your germs in the comments section below.

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