Planet Coaster: Console Edition Adds Spooky & Adventure Bundle Today

Planet Coaster: Console Edition (review) was a pleasant surprise, and there is a new bundle that allows you to expand your park even further. Available today, the Spooky & Adventure bundle gives you more rides, attractions, and themes.

If you are wanting to inject a little scare into your park, the spooky half of the bundle fits the bill. It adds two new rides called The Hoax and The Huntsman. The Hoax takes place in a haunted house, and The Huntsman is a moving platform ride. You will have access to new spooky themed building pieces, scenery to set the mood, and a new entertainer, King Ghoster.

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The Adventure side of the bundle looks like it would make Indiana Jones proud. There is a new coaster and water attractions with jungle-themed scenery. The new coaster is named Gold Fever, and it takes you on a wild ride in a minecart. The boat ride you see in the trailer is called Land Ahoy. It’s a slower ride that will show your visitors wildlife.

There are two trailers to showcase everything. I’ll put the Spooky one up top, and the Adventure side at the bottom. The bundle pack will run $14.99, and it’s available today.

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