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Planet Coaster: Console Edition Coming to PS4 and PS5 Holiday 2020; New Trailer to Meet the Creators

We’re all trying to figure out which games will be available on the PS5, and we can add Planet Coaster: Console Edition to the list. (If you are on the PS4, you can play it there too.) A new trailer shows us the creators of the game as they share their enthusiasm and a few of the features. Promising a true physics system with tons of complexity for your rides, they are trying for realism without losing the fun. They mention keeping your guests happy will keep your pockets full, and that’s a lesson every park owner learns.

Controls and sharing are the other big takeaways for me. Many developers are realizing they can port building sims to the console if they make an effort to adapt the game to the controller. The developers are taking care to keep Planet Coaster’s depth while making it accessible with a controller. If you create something amazing, you can share it with others, or, like me, you can search for something amazing and add it to your own park.

We only have a Holiday 2020 release date for Planet Coaster: Console Edition, but the game released on Steam around four years ago. It has very positive reviews, and some of the videos on YouTube for other creations are impressive. If they can port that successfully, it might keep you busy on that new PS5 for a while.

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