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Play Arts Sephiroth Figure Up For Pre-Order

Square Enix knows what you like. You want a man with long flowing hair, a fetish for leather, and an impossibly giant sword. (Oh, my. I’m getting the vapors.) You want a man who is happy to burn down an entire village and destroy the world, because of his overwhelming mommy issues. Did that change your mind? How about a fancy figure of that man instead? It will certainly be easier to take him to meet your parents.

On the North American Square Enix store, they are now offering pre-orders for a very detailed Sephiroth figure modeled after his appearance in Advent Children. It is able to be posed in several different positions, and it comes with a couple sets of detachable hands, the Masamune sword, and one black angel wing. The estimated release date currently shows February 28, 2016, but, like most of Square Enix’s projects, the date will eventually be pushed out further. The price for this imposing figure is $149.99.

If you are more into heroes, a similar figure for Cloud is releasing September 1, 2016 for $120. It comes complete with his Fusion Sword and can also be posed in multiple ways.

Let us know in the comments if you are ordering one or both. Maybe you can get them to settle their differences over tea or dinner at McDonald’s.

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