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Play as The Killer or a Hopeful Survivor in Dead by Daylight, Out Now

Dead by Daylight, the multiplayer horror game from Behaviour Interactive, is available now. If you dare to pick this one up, you can play as a savage, brutal killer hell-bent on catching and tormenting your online friends.  If hunting the Most Dangerous Game isn’t your cup o’ tea; if you fancy yourself a conscientious objector, or if you’re just a good old-fashioned pacifist, you can play as a hapless survivor trying desperately to avoid capture, torture and death.

As the killer, you’ll play in the first-person, while the survivors will play from a third-person perspective that will allow strong situational awareness, which will come in handy while you’re trying not to get killed. Released on PC last year, the game became a huge hit, selling nearly 2 million copies and becoming an instant favorite for those who like to stream their exploits on YouTube and Twitch.

The Dead by Daylight: Special Edition is also available and features all of the original content along with 2 new maps, 2 new killers, 2 new survivors … but wait, there’s more. Buy now and you’ll find out for yourself.

Is this just the type of fear and tension you were hoping to fill your weekend with? Let us know what you think?


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