Play Battlezone VR In Retro Classic Mode

As we have mentioned in the past, we love free DLC, and Battlezone is giving VR players something extra special in their 1.03 patch. On December 20th, players will be able to enjoy the retro 1980s Battlezone graphics in all its low polygon, green grid line glory with a separate control scheme. You should share this with your Mom, Dad, or creepy Uncle Wayne on Christmas day to see if it will get them to try VR.

Along with the usual bug fixes, the patch will also provide new campaign maps, mission types, and a Field Manual. There will also be additional customizations to your Cobra, including a Judge Dredd bobblehead and custom horn sounds.

Check out the full patch notes, and let us know if you will be jumping back into Battlezone for a little classic tank combat.

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BATTLEZONE 1.03 Patch Notes
Classic Mode now available
Field Manual now available
– Both Classic Mode and Field Manual available via Extras Menu
Updated campaign content
– New maps, missions and events
– Health crystals in single-player as additional means of restoring health
– Hints will display upon death
– HUD colour options added to Settings Menu
Bug fixes and optimizations
– Fixed a bug where hoppers sometimes got stuck in level geometry
– Reduced projectile-based lag when not hosting in online co-op
– Various performance optimizations
Added purchasable tank customization options
– New skins, bobbleheads and horns now available to purchase

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