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Play Demon’s Souls With A PS3 Filter Thanks To Its Photo Mode

Photo mode is a feature that is quite common in games these days. As a result, the upcoming Demon’s Souls remake will also include it. But whereas other releases are usually tempting you with their luscious scenery, this one will make no apology for its death soaked surroundings. In fact, it actively encourages you to make the most of it.

By that I mean you will be able to take shots of just the scenery by removing your character completely from the screen. But if you do prefer portraits over landscapes, then not only can your character remain, they can do so with or without their weaponry. Although, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to show the scene in its full and armoured glory.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that a number of filters will also be available for use outside of the photo mode. And by the sounds of things, this is to help you fine tune the experience so it can be as nostalgic as possible Apparently, it allows us to play the whole game with the look of the PlayStation 3 (original release) graphics. Or as the team put it,

“By the way, all filters are also available outside of Photo Mode during ordinary gameplay, including one designed to tune brightness, contrast and color levels to closely resemble those of the original PS3 game, for those who may prefer that classic look.”

Elsewhere, we’ve also received news about the character creation screen in Demon’s Souls. Something that was quite generous the first time around. And remains so in 2020. That’s because, despite starting off with a preset face, you will be able tweak everything from nostrils to hairline. So, your hero will look exactly as you want them to. But only if you can decide on one of the 16 million combinations that are available.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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