Play Doom’s Bloodfall DLC During A Double XP Weekend

Doom is a wonderful game, and, like many of your parent’s marriages, even good things have to come to an end. At least you do not have to blame yourself for this one. The final DLC, Bloodfall, is available now, and it ends with a little something for everyone’s stocking.

To start off the fun, there are three new maps, including Boneyard, a level made of demon teeth, bone, and meaty bits. The next thing from Hell Santa’s sack is a grenade launcher. It will let you bounce grenades off walls, or use the alternate fire to create a smoke grenade to hide you from view. You will also be able to be the Spectre Pinky demon. Even though he probably weighs 3,000 pounds, you can use his invisibility to sneak up on your opponents and play homicidal peekaboo.

New hack modules will boost health, healing, and protection, and you can dress for infernal success in one of the new cultist armor sets. The new lateral thrusters are the perfect accessory for the Doom Marine on the go, and they will help you blast away or toward an enemy. It will even add a jump for a mid-air change of direction.

It is included in the season pass, or you can pick it up for $14.99/£11.99 / €14.99. Even if you do not buy the new DLC, everyone can participate in the Double XP Weekend lasting until December 19th. For more details, check out the full notes, and join us in hoping that a new Doom is already in production.

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3 New Maps

  • Empyrian – Fight in an ageless colosseum held aloft by opposing energies, as the gilded battlements slowly crumble
  • Boneyard – Battle in the outer realm of Hell, where the landscape is made entirely of demon flesh, teeth and bone
  • Outbreak – Engage in intense combat throughout a UAC facility transformed after underworldly science breaks free from containment

New Weapon

  • Grenade Launcher – Use this UAC-banned weapon to bank grenades off walls and deal area damage, or use the secondary fire to detonate a smoke grenade to conceal your position from enemies

New Playable Demon

  • Spectre Pinky – As the fast and heavily armored Pinky demon with Spectre abilities, stalk your enemies with invisibility, or bull rush to insta-gib all in your path

3 New Hack Modules

  • Extra Protection
  • Gain Extra Armor per Health Pickup
  • Augmented Healing
  • Gain Extra Health per Health Pickup
  • Glory Sight
  • Highlight enemies that can be Glory Killed from farther away

New Equipment

  • Lateral Thrusters – Dodge enemy fire and add a third, mid-air jump with this equipment item that provides short directional boosts to your movement

4 new Cultist themed armor sets

15 new customization patterns and colors

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