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Play Life Is Strange 2: Episode 1 For Free

Starting today, you can try the first episode from Life Is Strange 2 for free. Square Enix made the announcement and also revealed that this is not a limited time promotion. Anyone will be able to download episode 1 for free and experience the beginning of its second narrative adventure in the series. This one follows the story of Sean and Daniel Diaz running away from home. Daniel has telekinetic powers, and the boys decide to run away to Mexico to escape issues with the police. As usual, your decisions will make a difference in how the story evolves.

If you have had PS Plus for a while, the original Life is Strange was free at one point, so you can always go back and play that one too.  Either way, it’s another bit of a game for free, and that’s the perfect try-it-now price. Check out the trailer at the top to see it in action.

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