Play the Markets and Hope for Mods in Pure Farming 2018

Pure Farming 2018 dropped a video today showing farmers are more technologically savvy than ever. Farming is a business, and you will have to watch the markets to know when to sell your crop at the highest price. The video shows a pricing graph, and you may harvest at a low time. Supply and demand can be tougher than earning your bread by the sweat of your brow.

If that happens, store your grains, vegetables, and fruits of your labors in a silo, granary, or shed until prices are higher. Squeeze every last bit of cash out of your cash crop and reap a bountiful harvest twice. We would guess there is a bit of strategy here, since you will still need funding to run your farm.

We also have to guess about the future of mods on the PS4. There was a second video today announcing PC players would be able to create and use mods in the game. Not to be outdone, we reached out to see if support would be coming to the PS4, and we received this response:

“Techland Publishing is looking forward to announcing the first wave of Mod support for consoles in the near future.”

It’s not a definitive yes or no, so we can only wait to see for now. However, Bethesda kicked open the doorway for mod support on the PS4. We would be surprised if it doesn’t start to be more common in the future or even a standard feature on the PS5. For now, we will cross our fingers and hope to be riding a modded buggy across our Japanese wasabi farm.

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Pure Farming 2018 will give budding farmers the chance to grow their skills across multiple locations, while managing livestock and growing different cops over three different gameplay modes. If you have wanted a more realistic farming sim, you can start building your agricultural empire on March 13th.

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