Play Tales of Berseria In Upcoming Demo

Play Tales of Berseria In Upcoming Demo

The news in December is not slowing down as publishers and developers want to be sure you know what is coming after the new year. Bandai Namco will be dropping a demo for Tales of Berseria on January 10th. Since it is an RPG, we are not sure how much of the game they will put into the demo, but we are happy to have a chance to give the game a shot before it launches on January 24th (US) and 27th (EU).

They will also be promoting the game with some pre-order goodies. According to their blog post, anyone who pre-orders the game will receive

  • An exclusive theme featuring the characters of Tales of Berseria
  • A 15 minute Skit Video
  • 3 soundtracks from the game

They also released a new video showing the English translation of game. Before you watch, know that it contains a spoiler, and act accordingly. Once again, January is becoming a good month for games, and there seems to be something for everyone.

Some of us have never played a game in the Tales series. Let us know what you love about them and why we should pick this up.

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