Play the New Zombies Outbreak Mode a Day Early By Taking Your Console Offline

If you don’t mind playing by yourself, you can give the new Outbreak mode in Call of Duty’s Zombies a play a day early. You didn’t hear it from us though…

The latest update for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has released today and it brings with it a new Season of content, including a brand new mode for the popular Zombies portion of the game.

The new Outbreak mode is a brand new, large-scale game mode that was originally leaked via the official website. Oops.

Now, you could wait until Season 2 officially launches, which is tomorrow, or you could ditch your internet and play Outbreak a day early. It’s naughty, sure, but… Activision isn’t really going to come around to your house and plug the router back in, are they?

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And it really is that simple. To play Outbreak a day early, you really do need to just disconnect your console from the internet. Whether that’s unplugging a cable or turning off an option in the settings, that’s up to you, but it’s not a hard task and the reward is… you get to play the new mode a day early, but on your own like a Billy No Mates. Good to get a head start though, right?

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