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Play the Next Chapter of Psychonauts in VR

For a game that released in 2005, Psychonauts still has a strong and very vocal fanbase. The newest game is built for VR only, and it bridges the gap between the original game and the sequel targeted for 2018.

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin will start with Raz and the rest of the Psychonauts flying to rescue Truman Zannotto. After a geometry joke or two, things go bad, and they crash. Maybe it is all the late nights watching Miss Cleo commercials, but a group of psychics should have seen that one coming.

As Raz, players will have to use their powers to solve puzzles, find his friends, and rescue Zannotto. He can use clairvoyance to see through other character’s eyes, telekinesis to move items, and pyrokinesis to set things on fire. If they let you use that on enemies, the rating on this game may go way up. We doubt that will happen, but it seems like everything has to be grittier these days.

Pyschonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin will be available on February 21st. Be sure to watch the 360 degree trailer for a better idea of what the game will be like in VR.


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