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Play the Nier: Automata Demo December 22nd

Just when we thought that demos were a thing of the past, we have a second story about a demo. Platinum Games’ upcoming action-RPG, Nier: Automata, will be releasing a playable demo on December 22nd. You will play as android 2B, one of the three playable characters in the game. She has gone to an abandoned factory “to destroy a massive enemy weapon that lies within”.

To give you a refresher on the story, invaders from another world attack the Earth. Humanity loses, and they retreat to the moon to lick their wounds and prepare to take their revenge. They decide to build androids, and send them to fight for them. In order to protect them from the overwhelming forces they are sure to encounter, they dress them in miniskirts and heels. You know, that old chestnut.

Special editions with physical items are making a comeback, and Nier: Automata will have a Black Box Edition. It will come with an artbook, a SteelBook Case, the soundtrack, some DLC, and a very nice 150mm (5.9 inches) tall figurine of android 2B. The pre-order will set you back $189.99, and only you know if you need that much Nier near.


Finally, during the PlayStation Experience, the new trailer for the game revealed a March 7th release date. The trailer is mostly a loading screening with voice-over, but you can cut your own trailer when you play the demo later this month.

Are you looking forward to Nier: Automata? Let us know who your favorite android in the comments. We think Commander Data was probably the best android outside Dragon Ball Z.

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